Body confidence influencer records cruel woman mocking her for filming in the gym


Influencer Bethy Red was filming herself in the gym for her Instagram, when a rude stranger came up to her and started questioning her and laughing over why she was filming

People filming themselves in the gym is nothing new. And, in fact, while a lot of people mistake it for vanity, filming yourself lifting weights or doing other strength and resistance training is actually the perfect way to check and improve your form.

So, you can imagine one woman’s horror, when another woman in the gym cruelly mocked her for recording her workout, while the entire thing was captured on film.

Body confidence influencer Bethy Red, who has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, was adjusting her ponytail in the mirror, when another female gym goer rudely started questioning her.

“Girl, what are you doing? Are you taking videos of yourself?” the blurred out woman can be heard asking in a clip shared to TikTok.

Bethy told her: “Yeah,” to which the woman replied: “You are? Well, why? For your own documentation or what?”

When Bethy told her it’s for her blog, the woman started laughing at her, although we’re not entirely sure which bit is meant to be the funny part.

After the bizarre, and quite frankly mean, exchange, Bethy decided to share the clip on TikTok, with a grey box covering the woman’s identity, alongside the caption: “So this happened.”

Since sharing the clip, the influencer has been inundated with kind words from followers who called out the cruel woman.

“She goes to the gym because she hates herself. You go because you love yourself. That’s the only difference that matters,” one follower commented.

Meanwhile, another added: “The fact that after she treated you like this, you protect her identity, says a lot about your character. She doesn’t deserve it but you’re a good person.”

In a follow up clip, Bethy begged people not to try and guess the identity of the woman, as a few people had sent hateful messages to the wrong girls, mistaking them for the woman in the clip.

If this teaches us anything, it’s that spreading hate is never the answer.