Entitled’ mum demands stranger entertains her seven-year-old son on flight


A woman found herself embroiled in a bitter argument with a mum sitting next to her on a flight when she demanded she turned off the film she was watching to let her son play games on the phone

A plane passenger was left stunned after a mum sitting next to her branded her a “spiteful b***h” when she refused to let her child play games on her phone to keep him entertained.

When the woman boarded the flight from Budapest to London, the mum sitting in the same row asked if she would trade her window seat to sit in the aisle so that her seven-year-old son could look out of the window instead.

She agreed and began to watch the superhero film Venom on her phone with her headphones in, but 20 minutes into the flight the mum and son swapped places, so the child was now sitting in the middle seat next to her.

The film got to a point where the protagonist “bit the head off of a bad guy”, at which point the mum tapped her on the shoulder to ask if the movie is appropriate for children, as the woman realised the child had also been watching her screen.

When she responded to say the film was rated a 15, the mum suggested she put on something more suited to children or turned it off all together.

When woman explained: “Now I’m not gonna lie, I’m very confrontational – confrontation makes me giddy, but I was dead a** shocked.

“‘Uh, no. I’m still gonna watch the movie I picked for my flight’ I responded. Now the kid pipes up, ‘Have you got any games I could play?’ ‘No, because I’m watching a movie’. ‘Come on, he’s bored’ [the mum] said.

‘Not my problem though is it?’

‘Excuse me?’ – Oh, now I had done it.

‘It’s not my problem that your child is bored, you should have planned ahead’. I shrugged and put my headphones back on. Pressed play and resumed.

“Another two minutes passed and once again the mother and child swapped places – yes – the mother was now sat next to me. Yay!”

The movie finished shortly before the plane was due to land, and when the woman opened Spotify to listen to some music for the remainder of the journey, she says the mum sat next to her mumbled: “You could at least let my kid play a game now you spiteful b***h.”

At which point the woman says she snapped and fired back: “How about you be fing grateful I let your kid look out the window the entire flight you ungrateful c“.”

They sat side-by-side in uncomfortable silence until the plane touched down, when the woman then remained sat in her aisle seat and allowed every other passenger to disembark first “just to live up to my petty nature”.

After sharing the story on Reddit, other users were full of praise for the woman, with one writing: “You sit next to my child? You better entertain them. This mindset is so entitled and disgusting.”

A second wrote: “As a mom. Dear God plan better… good for you standing your ground!”

And another loved her handling of the situation, adding: “That’s chef’s kiss perfect.”