Single woman mortified over Hinge’s awkward perfect match suggestion


Actor and comedian Rosie Holt was left stunned after discovering who Hinge had suggested as her ‘most compatible match’ – her very own brother

It’s no secret that dating can be tough, so it’s unsurprising that millions turn to the aid of online dating apps in the hopes of finding that special someone.

And, it’s fair to say that dating apps have definitely improved over the years, with apps like Bumble and Hinge taking over the scene in recent years.

One woman was recently swiping through the latter, when it suggested she should meet up with her ‘most compatible’ fella – which sounds perfectly reasonable, right?

But, when Rosie Holt took a closer look, she was absolutely stunned to discover that Hinge had matched her up with a familiar face. Her very own brother.

Unsurprisingly, Rosie was pretty horrified to discover the app had decided her brother Charlie Holt was her top potential match.

On Sunday, August 15, the actor and comedian tweeted a screenshot from the app, showing Charlie’s profile, alongside a purple banner which read: “Most compatible: Charlie and Rosie, we think you two should meet.”

Rosie later revealed Charlie received the same message despite her already declining the awkward opportunity to connect with him, joking, “he’s not my type.” That God for that.

While the siblings originally hail from Somerset, both brother and sister now live in London and listed similar interests on their profiles – hence the attempted matchmaking from the Hinge algorithm bots.

Her tweet has since been liked, retweeted and commented on more than 23,000 times with users joking “at least you’ll love the in-laws,” and “Hinge has been watching Game of Thrones.” Alright, guys. It’s getting a little too creepy now.

“Haha, well I guess their algorithm works a treat? I mean, you two definitely have things in common (such as your parents),” one Twitter user joked, while another added: “On the plus side you already love him unconditionally, so it would be a very stable match.”

“Look at the positives! You already love the in-laws and they love you. No additional family celebrations that you get dragged along to,” a third wrote.

Another person quite reasonably suggested: “Maybe Hinge should just filter out people you share a surname with. I think that really should count you out of dating someone.”

Rosie later agreed with a tweet claiming it wasn’t Hinge’s fault, posting: “This man has rightly called me out on my Hinge-blaming tweet and really given me food for thought.

“I would like to humbly apologise to Hinge and let them know I don’t hold them personally responsible.”